All Business is (Hyper)local: How Targeting Technology is Transforming the Marketing Landscape

Before websites and social media, TV and radio, billboards and the Pony Express – there was word of mouth. Before mass media allowed businesses to advertise broadly, all sales were local, and the only way to get the word out about products and services was to knock on doors or impress your neighbors. Though technology […]


The pace of change in consumer motivations has accelerated over the past few years — so understanding how cultural shifts impact behavior is more critical than ever. This five-minute read spotlights the six macro trends that will be prevalent as we start the year — and how our clients have leveraged these to accelerate their […]

How Advertisers Can Get a Kick Out of World Cup Soccer: Preparing for 2026 Starts Today

For advertisers looking for eyeballs on a global scale, there are few events that offer the prestige, excitement — and captive viewing audience — as FIFA’s World Cup. This year’s just-completed tourney delivered high-powered soccer excitement — and a healthy dose of in-stadium, TV, and streaming advertising messages — to a global audience of 5 […]

The Rise of AI: How Advertisers Are Harnessing Self-Actualizing Technologies

Once the domain of science fiction, the rise of artificial intelligence is indeed very real, and very factual. AI, as it is succinctly called, has transcended the stuff of Hollywood and earned itself a rightful place in the business conversation. Though not as scary as Hollywood makes it out to be, today’s AI is still […]

More Retailers in 2022 Jumping on the Early Holiday Bandwagon

Few things are as predictable – and non-negotiable – as holiday gift-giving. Whether the economy is rolling or roiling, consumers still find a way to dig deep to give retail expressions of love and caring to those in their orbit. Analysts predict that U.S. holiday retail sales will approach $1.30 trillion (up from $1.21 trillion […]