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We are a business-obsessed results-oriented company, full of creative and passionate individuals working together to dramatically advance our client’s overall growth, not just their brand. That’s what makes us a growth machine. When Jordan Zimmerman refused to compromise building a better brand for immediate sales, he created the Brandtailing® methodology, inspiring thousands of people to join him in his fight to building the largest business growth agency in the country. 30+ years later, Jordan Zimmerman remains laser focused on getting the positive results for our clients that they can’t get anywhere else.
Our Mission.
“Relentlessly pursue the client's goal,
but never rest in the glory.”
Our People.
Our people are at the heart of Zimmerman's business growth machine. Driven by a balance of passion and thought, we act with purpose -- driving unparalleled performance for our clients (as well as ourselves). It's a win-win.

Mike Anderson

Chief People Officer

Felisa Becker

Office Manager

Phil Bannister

EVP, Managing Director

Lisa Branigan

EVP, Director of Media Services

Chad Garcia

EVP, Executive Creative Director, StudioZ

Jordan Zimmerman

Chairman of the Board

Ronnie Haligman


Katy Graff

Account Supervisor

Mike Devine

President, Client Services

Dawn Smith

Accounts Payable Supervisor

Lee Gonzalez

Co-Chief Creative Officer

Richard Nez

EVP, Director of Broadcast Production

Michael Angelovich

Chief Strategy Officer

Dan Gitlitz

SVP, Group Creative Director

Monai Vano

SVP, Group Account Director

Brian Anderson

VP, Group Creative Director

David Kissell

Chief Operating Officer