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LATEST NEWS / Z Associate of the Month
Nina Jaliashvili

Originally from the Republic of Georgia, Nina has been a part of the Zimmerman family for the past two years and her journey with us has been nothing short of remarkable.

Growing up in a country ravaged by conflict and war, she found solace and joy in organizing celebrations that brought light to the darkness surrounding her. As an HR coordinator at Zimmerman, Nina gets to live her dream every day by channeling her passion for event planning into making a meaningful impact on her coworkers. Next time you see her buzzing around the office with a twinkle in her eye, know that she’s planning yet another event at the Z.

Congratulations, Nina!

JetBlue flies like a local

JetBlue is growing its footprint in Florida. So, they tapped into Zimmerman for a much needed local perspective. We created messaging we knew would resonate with South Floridians.

Using our hometown airport code, FLL, we created one-word headlines that evoked the emotional benefits of traveling on JetBlue. Along with a subhead that communicated the transactional benefit, we served up a healthy dose of brandtailing.

LATEST NEWS / Jets Pizza

JETSPO 2023, the Jet’s Pizza Conference where 200+ Jet’s franchisees gathered to hear keynote speakers like Jordan Zimmerman and the Jets family.

Zimmerman attended to reveal our 2023 campaign strategy and creative work. It was an honor for the Agency to attend as special guests and participants. This truly invaluable time strengthened our relationship and set the foundation for another amazing year.

Jordan Zimmerman
Chairman of the Board
Jennafer Higgs
SVP, Ad Operations & Business Solutions
Erica Rueger
Account Director
Ronnie Haligman
Adam Herman
Chief Innovation Officer
Michelle Lerner
VP, Group Account Director
Jason Brewster
VP, Marketing Analytics
Jessica Ross
SVP, Group Account Director
Felisa Becker
Office Manager
Lisa Branigan
EVP, Director of Media Services
Tamieka Pharr
Ad Operations Supervisor
David Kissell
Chief Operating Officer
Oscar Chequer
Chief Financial Officer
Phil Bannister
EVP, Managing Director
Mark Latoria
EVP, AutoNation
Nicole Brandell
Chief Strategy Officer
Mike Anderson
Chief People Officer
Olga Torres
Associate Director, HR and DE&I
Dawn Smith
Accounting Manager
Lee Gonzalez
Co-Chief Creative Officer
Mike Devine
President - Client Services
Stephanie Loy
VP, Group Account Director
David Crawford
Co-Chief Creative Officer
Monai Vano
SVP, Group Account Director
Gigi Norton
SVP, Group Account Director
Our Services
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    Where, how, when, and most importantly – why people buy. These market research insights come straight from the minds of our strategic planners. Artfully extricated by our research engine, The Red Light Project, this priceless knowledge fuels every Brandtailing® platform, and guides focus group methodologies, client planning meetings, and the fortunes of many of America’s best known companies.

  • icon-services-analytics

    The one with the most data wins. Our Data Analytics Teams dive deep into industry trends, business data, consumer data, and marketing data. When they surface, they bring insights that are then combined and optimized with client data, sales, traffic, audience segmentation, and media performance. The end result is turning the data into a powerful tool, driving measurable results for our clients. Great data equals great outcomes.

  • icon-services-creative

    Messages that motivate. Images that resonate. Design that engages. Fresh creative wraps up all the research, data, and insights in a package that persuades. Could be a stamp-sized banner or an oversized billboard. Might be a :15 spot on streaming radio or a heartfelt thank-you message on a receipt – when ideas strike chords, needles get moved.

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    Collaborating closely with our Strategy and Analytics teams, our Media experts utilize OMNI and Hyperlocal, Zimmerman’s proprietary best-in-class platforms, to leverage data for precise channel planning, addressable audience profiling and targeting analysis. Thus, we deliver the perfect balance of audience reach and frequency to maximize our clients’ investments.

  • icon-services-imersice-commerce
    icon-services-imersice-commerceIMMERSIVE COMMERCE

    Harnessing the latest digital technology and our real-time programmatic buying platform, we’re leading the growth of Immersive Commerce, reshaping the online world from a retailer focused ecosystem to one that is consumer centric. Precise targeting and simplified checkouts mean drop-offs are down, conversions are up and so are profits. Consumers are in charge now. If you’re only pushing consumers to your site and not selling where they are in the moment, then you’re missing major revenue opportunities.

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    icon-services-retail-techRETAIL TECHNOLOGIES

    Our full-service technology team powers innovation for the agency and our clients by designing and building enterprise-level software solutions and consumer focused digital experiences that drive efficiencies and sales at scale. This keeps us moving at the speed of retail.