Immersive Commerce.

At Zimmerman Advertising, we're pioneering the shift that we call Immersive Commerce - examining how retailers are pushing products where consumers now shop, in order to drive transactions at scale, while building a brand over time.

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Retail continues to evolve at an exponential rate due to the changing trends, techniques, and technologies that drive commerce today. Although the 'Law of Accelerating Returns' has significantly reduced the elapsed time, commerce has clearly undergone a distinct evolution.

Impulse Shopping

Changing the way people shop is as simple as a click.

Marketplace Search

Where consumers buy is as important as the brand they are buying.

Branded Extensions

Bringing the brand to life with a memorable experience.

Omnichannel Retail

Going back to the basics, and then some.

The distinctive design of social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have quickly transformed the channels into robust marketing tools that convert engagements into sales. By offering ‘shoppable’ posts, brands provide seamless experiences that encourage impulse buying with a simple click.

Amazon is not the enemy. It has been the catalyst for this retail evolution, and now creating a storefront for your brand is critically important. The most successful brands monitor the new shopping formats & technologies, jumping on those deemed to be effective for their particular brands in order to stand out.

A crucial element in creating unique experiences, consumers crave dynamic and unexpected touchpoints with their favorite brands. These opportunities help position brands out in the real world, increasing relevancy to the consumer with an experiential shopping execution.

The integration of omnichannel strategies is critical when driving potential customers, especially when using innovative tools.

Hyperlocal is our proprietary go-to market platform powered by machine learning, that helps us send the right message, to the right target consumer, at the right time, with the right offer and on the right device.

We have built an AI-powered Customer Acquisition Machine (CAM) that leverages data, inherent in social conversations, to identify predictable consumer purchase triggers and transform conversation into conversion.

At the forefront of retail advertising for nearly four decades, our weapons (tools), experience, expertise, and talent ensure your custom-tailored Immersive Commerce strategy will set you up and launch you further.

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