When Revenue is Served...

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Date: 2016-03-30 16:55:30 // Categories: Advertising, Retail,
By: Cliff Courtney
Date: 2016-03-30 16:55:30 // Categories: Advertising, Retail,

The 2016 RLC Edition

It always, ALWAYS, comes down to three ingredients: Marketing, Ops, and People. The category’s definitive three-legged stool.

Marketing’s responsibility has never been more complex or carried a heavier load. The competition is unrelenting and communication channels insanely diverse. And yet if you’re not driving traffic, you’re dead. Period.

People: Ray Kroc’s famous quote says it all: “We’re not a hamburger business serving people, we’re a people business serving hamburgers.” Forget about brand ambassadors, your associates can lift you or kill you on belief and basic services cues all day long. No more lip service, you need to get this right.

Ops: While bad marketing can damage you, and a lethargic workforce can undermine loyalty, we all know that at the end of the day bad ops is the surest and fastest way to bury you.

While all three ultimately affect revenue, i.e. cash flow, i.e. silver bullet, i.e. the holy grail, no team has more pressure on them to drive revenue than marketing. When there’s too much focus on brand, there’s no sense of urgency. It’s all “why here,” but no “why now.” But when there’s too much focus on offers, buying visits as it were, you’re trapped in the band-aid business… an endless series of one offs that are pervious to fluctuating market conditions and budget decreases.

Restaurant brands need pitch perfect value propositions, delivered with both brand and retail sensibility a.k.a. Brandtailing®. A single platform that allows for more focused messaging, media and production efficiency.

No, the best marketing in the world doesn’t clean tables or smile when the customer walks in. But one fact remains unassailable… success breeds success, and when the traffic flows, associates stand to prosper more, and service energy lifts the experiential tide.

So buckle up marketers. You need to innovate, keep moving, stay paranoid and not fall prey to white line fever. Instead of consulting with people around the table, find players who will win on the field. You don’t need an ad agency, you need fighters. Those that are in relentless pursuit of their clients’ goals. Relentless. Pursuit.