We Can't Sit Still

Date: 2020-03-23 15:13:54
By: Zimmerman Advertising
Date: 2020-03-23 15:13:54

Our mission is plainly written on our wall and on everyone’s laptop default screen. That is: “Relentlessly pursue the client’s goal and never rest in the glory.” Amidst the state of chaos in the world and business, we stand ready to break down walls for our clients, driving them toward opportunities that exist and helping them wade through waters that change almost hourly.

Beginning last week, the Agency started to publish a platform called JoltZ to help us all navigate through it all. It is meant to be a collection of inventive ideas for this disruptive time. It will be published the moment we see a signal shift, a consumer behavior shift or a business reaction shift worth noting. It will come from what we learn from the market, from each other, and from every client that has slightly different takes and vantage points on this crisis – from essential retailers to supply retailers to even occasion and specialty retailers in multiple sectors. As of today, there seem to be three paths we are seeing:

Those who retreat: These are the companies that are shutting down, pulling back and just getting to safe harbor.

Those who channel: These are the companies that are shifting resources to where the water flows – be it Ecomm, drive-through, delivery or products and services that are more opportunistic.

Those who expand: While revenue outside of essentials is challenged, the bravest see a world of more people watching media, great value from media and an opportunity to open their arms to the community. While it sounds altruistic, the reality is that there is great brand relevance to gain and the recovery process is accelerated for those who have this view. It is not without cost, but sentiment has never been more valuable.

We also stand by 24/7 with a team of business-obsessed, retail-loving people who are connected everywhere, and are ready to tackle whatever the world throws at them. We are proud of their bravery, sense of commitment, and readiness at all times.

We can’t sit still. We don’t even know how to – and hope we never learn.