The New Normal

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Date: 2011-05-05 10:35:43 // Categories: ROMI,
By: Jordan Zimmerman
Date: 2011-05-05 10:35:43 // Categories: ROMI,

Normal just doesn’t cut it anymore. Normal intent gets clouded by the extreme conditions. Normal effort gets trampled by those more fit, nimble and hungry. Normal is the path to almost certain disaster. More than ever, it is critical to embrace the notion of being abnormal to lead your business to success.

While others see light, we realize that shopper uncertainty is still hanging by the next potential threat. People have money, they just get nervous to part with it.

I have heard many reasons for why people run businesses, but I was raised to believe that, more than anything else, you do it to earn money. With the money you earn, your life gets easier, the community gets better and the world gets stronger. That philosophy is what drives everyone I work with to have an undeniable and relentless focus on results and to not get lost in the “normal” egocentric and celebration-driven aspects of the advertising industry. There is no time for mass celebration – we must not take our eye off the ball. Contrary to normal opinion, this is the type of market that brands can thrive in if they are prepared to fight.

Normal brands always want to retreat as times of uncertainty scare them. You cannot cut your way to success. Abnormal leaders see the opportunity to get ahead and grab share. We must provide a reason to value brands as always, but do so with a more compelling reason to act now. It is an approach Zimmerman calls – and has always called – Brandtailing™. Lets face it, consumers are still willing to spend, but the new normal is about rethinking every one of their choices. In this critical reconsideration stage in society, a silent brand will soon be a dead brand.

Only the Abnormal will survive.