The Moment of Truth

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Date: 2009-06-14 22:34:52 // Categories: Consumer Insights,
By: Cliff Courtney
Date: 2009-06-14 22:34:52 // Categories: Consumer Insights,

Here’s a question: If *85% of all purchasing decisions are made on impulse, and **73% of purchasing decisions are made within three feet of the retail shelf, then why do advertisers expend so much of their budget and energy on media that only reaches consumers when they’re driving in their cars or watching TV or reading a magazine in their dentist’s waiting room? (The worst, of course, being the billboard along the freeway with 15 words, a website address AND a phone number that consumers are expected to read while driving at 50 miles per hour.)

Have we not learned anything in the past 100 years?

Why aren’t media budgets disproportionately poured into POP (which can be brick and mortar or online)? In-store media is a fantastically imaginative way of grabbing the customer’s attention when they have their shopping list firmly in hand.

Advertising informs, in some cases entertains. At its best it conveys a powerful “why here” and “why now.” But its an eternity from couch to counter, giving smarter, more modern marketers the opportunity to re-task even the most loyal consumer.

It’s time for both clients and agencies to bear down, not just on how consumers make decisions, but where they make decisions. It might mean less TV in the budget, less radio or less print, but re-tasked dollars that engage consumers at the moment of truth will always gain greater ROI.

*Interbrand **ScoreZone