The Boomerang Effect

Date: 2014-07-23 20:48:24 // Categories: Advertising,
By: Zimmerman Advertising
Date: 2014-07-23 20:48:24 // Categories: Advertising,

Clients come and clients go. And sometimes clients come back.

Zimmerman Advertising recently experienced such a “boomerang” effect when hhgregg, one of the nation’s leading retailers of home appliances and consumer electronics, returned to us. Our companies worked together from 2007 to 2013 and now, one year later, hhgregg is back home at Zimmerman. Needless to say we’re happy and humbled to welcome them back.

Last year, hhgregg made the difficult decision to pursue a different marketing path for themselves, and sought out the services of another agency. While this kind of news is always hard to swallow, we know change is a reality of this business. Moments like these remind us of that famous line from the Godfather, Part II: “This is the business we’ve chosen,” and so with reluctant acceptance and very heavy hearts, we bid our client and friends of five years farewell and wished them success.

Throughout the transition, we continued to service their business with the same levels of care and concern that had been standard operating procedure throughout the lifespan of the account. It’s our strong belief that the way you say goodbye to a client is just as important as how you welcomed them the first time they walked through your doors. And that kind of concern created a bond that would remain intact even though our business partnership had ceased. We continued to look in from afar. To watch their sales numbers. To keep track of their performance, and on occasion, to offer our perspective.

As we embrace our renewed partnership with hhgregg, we know the reasons for our reunion are many. Surely hhgregg’s overall business experience with Zimmerman over the years played a tremendous role in bringing them back to us. We did great work together. But we believe the depth and breadth of the bond between our teams also was key. As proud as we are of the work we produced for hhgregg, we’re even prouder of the relationship that exists between our two companies–a relationship that was and is honest and true even when there wasn’t a contract binding us legally together.

The learning here is that when a client leaves, don’t assume it’s the end, because it doesn’t have to be. Behave as though that company still is your client: Watch their performance. Give advice. Make introductions. Congratulate them on their wins. Continue to be an ambassador for their brand. And, most importantly, don’t let the connections break.

As for the future for this partnership, to us it’s never looked brighter. hhgregg is back, and we’re ready to take them to the next level. Together we’re going to be awesome.