Stay relevant, my friends

Date: 2013-06-20 16:21:40 // Categories: Consumer Insights,
By: Zimmerman Advertising
Date: 2013-06-20 16:21:40 // Categories: Consumer Insights,

Yesterday, Men’s Warehouse put the man who guaranteed “you’re going to love the way you look” back on the shelf by firing Founder George Zimmer.

While the business community debates the decision to let him go, two things are certain – brands and those who represent them must remain relevant or risk becoming obsolete, and in order to change the face of your brand, it’s often necessary to change the face on your brand.

If Men’s Warehouse wants to appeal to Millennials as has been widely reported, it needs to recognize these consumers have grown up in a world of endless possibilities and effortless choices – particularly when it comes to shopping. It’s more important than ever to connect with them in ways that stand out and get them talking. For these tech-savvy consumers, brands need to go beyond being relevant; they need to be share-worthy.

Some brands, like Toms Shoes and Kiva are doing well with Millennials by appealing to their desire to do social good. Others, like Geico and Dos Equis are breaking through with humorous advertising that entertains, is memorable and features lines that are easy to quote.

The popularity of Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World is a timely case to explore as we debate Zimmer’s effectiveness as a spokesman for Men’s Warehouse. Let’s face it, The Most Interesting Man kind of looks like George Zimmer with a better stylist. So what really separates them? Relevance. Instead of coming across dated and from another generation, The Most Interesting Man in the World is aspirational for us all. He’s relevant to Millennials because he talks to them using words they can relate to, about experiences they want to have. Most importantly, he speaks to their desire to be cool and accepted simply by being themselves.

And in the end, that’s pretty interesting.