Red Alert: The Small Screens Have Finally Taken Over

Date: 2013-09-06 23:36:48 // Categories: Red Alert,
By: Zimmerman Advertising
Date: 2013-09-06 23:36:48 // Categories: Red Alert,

The Buzz…

The numbers are in and for the first time ever people are spending more time with digital media than TV and what’s more, non-voice mobile activity is leading the digital pack and is projected to run laps around all other methods of media consumption in the near future.


The Significance…

Yes, its true – traditional media dominance has been dying a slow death and many in the industry have been working to perfect an integrated approach to media planning for some time, but the latest numbers – exhibiting a steady decline for traditional and a steady growth in digital since 2010 – send an urgent message to those in the marketing business who might still consider “integrated media planning” just a bunch of trendy buzz words in a passing phase.


The Lesson…

 If you have yet to equate your dependence on traditional media with the “I’m Melting” scene from Wizard of OZ, than you are just as screwed as the army of flying monkeys.

Zimmerman’s Media Group or zmg has four “you better get it now if you haven’t already” implications for marketers:

1)   Consumers will continue to multi-task with an increased focus on mobile non-voice activity

2)   Mobile marketing will continue to grow exponentially ($8B US spending) and is projected to continue at the 2013 growth rate of +75%

3)   With all of the media options for consumers, marketers will be challenged to break through the clutter and attract engagement through omnichannel initiatives

4)   Brands that embrace an omnichannel approach will win in the new landscape versus those that are singularly focused on traditional media or digital media