Red Alert: What the Nielsen-Twitter Partnership Could Mean for Advertisers

Date: 2013-08-07 16:46:27 // Categories: Red Alert,
By: Zimmerman Advertising
Date: 2013-08-07 16:46:27 // Categories: Red Alert,

The Buzz…

So word has it that venerable TV ratings giant, Nielsen, has partnered with Twitter to create a new metric called “Nielsen Twitter TV Rating,” that will capture social media chatter about a TV program while it’s airing and measure the online conversion to TV viewership.

The Significance…

While measuring the correlation between Twitter and television can indeed produce valuable information on TV ratings and could potentially prove the social platform can increase viewership, the value for advertisers and brands could be even more significant. Specifically, whether or not the Twitter chatter actually increases viewership, metrics like these can take advertisers a step further in understanding their TV audience.

 The Lesson…

When it comes to “Big Data” you can’t get big enough. The Nielsen Twitter Rating will add yet another layer of targeted consumer insight for advertisers.  Are viewers waiting until the commercial break to compose their tweets? If so, is the online action happening during the American Express commercial or the Papa John’s commercial?

The collection of data on who is tweeting in real-time during specific TV broadcasts and when is only the beginning. The data will not only inform advertisers about whether or not their viewers are actually watching their ads, it will also provide the information necessary for advertisers to find a way to participate in the conversation.

The fact is, partnerships between the social world and the TV world for the purpose of mining collective data can open the door to a more interactive approach to partnership between advertisers and TV programming. The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating may signal the next phase of evolution in traditional media advertising and we will be watching to see where it leads.