Red Alert: The Final Word on Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

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Date: 2013-07-23 16:34:28 // Categories: Red Alert,
By: Adam Herman
Date: 2013-07-23 16:34:28 // Categories: Red Alert,

The Buzz…

It’s official! Google’s “Enhanced Campaign” program, in which customers of AdWords are required to opt-in to mobile device ads along with the customary digital ads for desktops and laptops, went into effect officially on July 22nd. Industry experts and influencers everywhere have taken the policy change as an opportunity to begin a dialog discussing the drawbacks of Google’s new program as well as the general direction of the digital ad space and how consumers feel about the fast encroachment of advertisements on their screens –  big or small.

The Significance…

An Omni-Channel approach to advertising and marketing is the wave of the future.  This means all media, including mobile devices are essential to reaching and engaging consumers.  While on the surface it may have appeared mobile ads were somehow less successful, in reality this has been difficult to determine because the same direct ROI measurement used for digital ads has not translated effectively in the mobile space.  The standard measurements only scratched the surface of the overall benefits and results of marketing and advertising through mobile devices.  Many consumers are introduced to a product or service via their smartphone or tablet, but the action they take next is harder to accurately measure.  Did they drive straight to the store?  Did they use a call-link to make an appointment?  Did they jump on their desktop and make a purchase?

The Lesson…

Moving forward, two moves will be critical for marketing and advertising in the digital space.  First, providers like Google will have to develop more effective techniques for implementing mobile ads as well as measuring their true ROI – which will undoubtably come with experience and time.  Secondly, innovation, creativity and integration will win the day for all brands.  Consumers are less enthralled by inundations of banner ads while they are attempting to surf the net, check in on social media or complete a task via mobile device, but that does not mean we cannot create ways to reach our consumers through this form of media utilizing new and exciting techniques.  Smart brands around the globe are finding interactive ways to reach their target audience through all media in an integrated way and they are the front-runners of the day.

In the end, of course, it’s consumer habits and ad dollars that will drive the changes Google will need to make to improve on their current enhanced campaigns because they always have the final word.