Date: 2018-10-02 20:40:41
By: Zimmerman Advertising
Date: 2018-10-02 20:40:41

Advertising Week is going on right now in NYC. It is the annual conference to address things that critically face the industry. There are speakers on “How to Have More Sass,” “Bionic Mannequins” and even “How to Be a Pirate.” Wait. What? Don’t get me wrong, this sounds really interesting, but nothing like what the industry really looks like from my desk or what the real responsibility is of advertising every week.

The Zimmerman view of advertising is much simpler in that it has to do two things: 1) Get more people to the retail brand to shop and 2) Pull more people through the retail brand to buy. Everything else is simply a means to the end. Doing so takes extreme focus and constitution. It takes hiring business-first type A’s. It takes developing technology that is custom built for retail – like social media that drives acquisition/monetization and a hyper–local media platform that allows us to activate at individual rooftop level.

This thinking is why we align with so many retailers and businesses that need to generate transactions. They have to fight harder because they are under siege every day. Online clobbers big boxes. Big boxes smacking specialty. Specialty eats mom & pop. As the fight gets tougher, we challenge agencies to get tougher as well.

Hungry and impatient clients can win with the right plan and agency. Five Below has become the fastest growing retailer with stock that has grown from $35 to $135 in one year, Nissan sells more cars and trucks than it ever has, McDonald’s is taking back more market share, Michaels Arts and Crafts leads their sector, Hair Cuttery has massive growth plans and the list goes on. And that is why we have grown into a multi-billion dollar agency obsessed with making the most of every quarter, every month and every single week.

If you wish your agency thought like this, just reach out to me directly at [email protected] We are happy to show you what advertising is really like.