Zimmerman Analytics Capabilities.

Zimmerman Analytics Capabilities

The Zimmerman team is focused on return on marketing investment & balancing both short-term and long-term approaches to growing brand and share of voice. We apply several different analytical practices to feed strategies and tactics.

ZData Lift Analytics ZData Lift Analytics

Actionable Insights and Optimizations exist at every level of the Zimmerman data maturity model, We use LIFT to generate transactions. 

"What is working and what isn’t?" Detail the performance of your dimensions and metrics in summary and throughout time to understand performance as a trend and a point in time. Descriptive analytics should reveal where we need to dig deeper into our data or create new tracking. Look is powered by our DRIVE business intelligence dashboards which are established for all of our clients.
Next Steps: Establish KPI dashboards, identify strengths and weaknesses, build tracking, acquire third party data.
"What are the relationships between marketing, operations, and performance" Examine the relationships between your channels, product mix, and promotions to see what is driving to most efficient returns. Leverageing movement data and offline attribution is critical to understanding impact across display and online video channels.
Next Steps: Align operations and advertising strategy, develop attribution models, inform creative and targeting.
"What will the next, what can be manipulated to optimize the planning and strategy?" With all the previous performance, the understanding of how the elements of your media and business are related to. Modeling allows us to project likely assumptions into the future using seasonal decompositions, decision trees, regression and other machine learning techniques to project out future outcomes and understand feature importance within the data.
Next Steps: Plan the next quarter based on historical information and the impact of your optimizations, configure media plan spend levels, mix, and promotions to maximize profit.

Many analytics-focused maturity models concentrate on looking at the data in the past to plan. At Zimmerman, we leverage Responsible Integrated Media Transformation to create a clean test and control environment or build a clean test within the advertising platform.

Sophisticated models can help simplify decision-making but they need to be validated. Testing plans are essential to gain an understanding of new channels and tactics that have never been used in the past.

Next Steps: Choose winning variables, refine forecast, modify the testing schedule, update media plan.
Bi Dashboarding (Reporting, Analysis, & Monitoring) Bi Dashboarding (Reporting, Analysis, & Monitoring)

Truly holistic marketing dashboards are critical to understanding the complete picture and how big changes to your media mix and levels can have a seismic impact on your bottom line. Dashboarding is the foundational basis of our understanding and allows us to question how each channel we manage is contributing to our overall goals. Our dashboards underlying data is automated through our partner APIs and collected in a secure data lake, from there it is refined into a single source of truth that can be used to show overall performance, or be transformed into dozens or hundreds of reports for stakeholders at varying levels.

Web Analytics - Audit/Support (Reporting, Analysis, & Monitoring) Web Analytics - Audit/Support (Reporting, Analysis, & Monitoring)

Examine all the web properties involved in the online consumer’s path to conversion. This audit examines the foundational attributions of digital media as well as advanced features (enablement of demographic information, custom dimension, and metric configuration). Advanced feature development such as collecting data into CRM with the client ID or pushing data into GA using the measurement protocol is available.

Integrated Media Transformation (Monitoring/Forecasting) Integrated Media Transformation (Monitoring/Forecasting)

We support strategy and media department testing initiatives with analysis of previous media efforts to help determine high-value media testing roadmaps. By testing iteratively into better media mix, level, messaging, targeting, and flighting we can make a series of small improvements that add up to a large impact over time. By leveraging our data science techniques, we can create solid tests and controls based on demographics, geo-position, sales performance, and consumer trends.

Sales/CRM - Analysis (Analysis, Preditictive, Prescriptive)

In addition to responsibly improving efficiency and return on marketing investment, we also know that your business needs to grow same-store-sales and keep an eye on the cost of goods. We can apply those same operational principles to our media planning and strategy.

  • Product Analysis - examine product information, we can align regional messaging to the most relevant products.
  • Promotional Effectiveness – We can look at promotional data at a transactional level to understand the diminishing returns of promotions over time.
  • Forecasting Values – Our analysts will perform ARIMA and STL decompositions to understand the likely outcomes for the next year.
  • Loyalty and Lifetime Value – Combine transactional and CRM data to establish the lifetime and lifetime value of your customers.
  • CRM Enrichment – Infer the neighborhood demographics of your audience and get a better understanding of their economic, social and media details
Integrated Media Transformation (Monitoring/Forecasting) Integrated Media Transformation (Monitoring/Forecasting)

We pair with strategic planners to examine survey data in aggregate, over time, and through correlation. We also model survey data using decision trees, feature importance, and game theory to understand what the common factors for your most valuable customers are.

Sales/CRM - Analysis (Analysis, Preditictive, Prescriptive) Sales/CRM - Analysis (Analysis, Preditictive, Prescriptive)

We pair with creative, UX, and design professionals to dive deeply into website pathing and understand the performance of AB and MVT tests and isolate the combination of factors that best drive conversion rate by connecting platforms like Google Optimize and Optimizely to your web analytics platforms and measuring the performance by attribution and content path rather than a simplified holistic result. By combining advanced website targeting features we can transform a flat website into a personalized experience.