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Five short years ago, Jordan Zimmerman, Chairman and CEO of Zimmerman Advertising, and Pat Patregnani, President of Zimmerman Advertising, were on a quest to inspire and rally their associates. Hoping to apply the company's energy and enthusiasm to a higher cause, their discovery of the annual charity bike ride for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society turned out to be bigger and more powerful than anything they'd imagined.
Committed from the start, with four rookie riders learning to handle a steady 16 to 17 mph, that first ride was the humble beginnings of zMotion. What was originally only a small company effort led by Pat Patregnani, Mike Schweiger, Cliff Courtney, and Brad Granda, is well on its way to 1,000 enthusiastic riders and a national presence. What was once training events for various charity bike rides has grown into inspiration, focus, and irreplaceable bonding for the local and regional cycling communities. What started as a rallying point for employees has resulted in over $1.2 million raised for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and other charities, and will continue to grow throughout 2010 and beyond.
An unstoppable, undeniable force of energy, charisma, and positivity, we ride because it's good for us, and great for others. We ride because we love the camaraderie, the momentum, the adrenaline, and the contagious hope. We ride because we can, and because we're making a real difference. We ride to fight against various diseases, such as MS and Diabetes. We're the perfect group to show them the door.

zMotion has quickly become a leading force within the South Florida cycling community and beyond. Along with its philanthropic efforts and community involvement, zMotion is also heavily involved in cycling advocacy and education. That's why zMotion is currently heading up the effort to develop a pilot program with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to support its "Ride Right, Drive Right" initiative.
"Ride Right, Drive Right" is zMotion's campaign to educate both motorists and cyclists about the need to share the roadways. The campaign's goal is to make the roads safer and to save lives by building awareness. At the center of the campaign is the belief that cycling laws are poorly communicated. Many motorists are simply unaware of these laws, which render them ineffective. By educating both the cyclist and motorist alike, "Ride Right, Drive Right" can initiative a positive change.
"Ride Right" refers to the cyclist's credo to know and obey all traffic laws; be courteous to other cyclists; never challenge a confrontational motorist; and to share the road. "Drive Right" reminds motorists to know laws as they relate to cyclists, including giving at least three feet of clearance when passing a cyclist, looking for cyclists when entering and exiting the road, and remembering that cyclists could be in their blind spots.

It's an energy that inspires us to be better, do better, and live better - not just for ourselves, but for the company beside us and the community around us.
It's about giving more than we receive and challenging us to make a bigger difference in our own lives,the lives of others, and to never stop riding for a better tomorrow.
We call it zMotion - One Thousand Strong.

zMotion is a Zimmerman Advertising Team. zMotion has become a visible force in the cycling community with more than 600 riding members throughout South Florida. We ride to raise money in the fight against MS and many other charities. We ride to live healthy and enjoy life. We ride because we care. And we ride because we can. We are blessed with good health and the freedom to enjoy this great sport. For more information, visit www.zmotion.org.