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Retail Advertising

Clearly by now, you realize Zimmerman is built on Brandtailing™. It is our philosophy, our approach and bordering on our professional religion. From a brand standpoint, we have the responsibility to set the consumer promise and build trust and desire. Most any agency or marketing book knows that. The difference with us is that we understand that the most important reason to drive brand esteem is to show greater impact on customer acquisition and operating margin, as it never matters how many people like you if it does not translate into a profitable business model. In short, we believe branding to be important, but it should never exist void of a retail responsibility. This way of thinking has driven undeniable results for our client partners. In the following pages, you will see cases that we are particularly proud of. You will see big ideas executed in many media forms and you will see how our retail experience is there to compliment brand distinction, but never swallow it. We have helped Carfax to double their usage in less than two months. We have helped slay Goliaths like Pizza Hut and Dominos while protecting margins for Papa John’s. And we have helped Lane Bryant earn media when they could not afford to buy. We think the wo rk is great, but to us, great wo rk has to work great - or it isn’t that great at all . We hope you agree.

  • Papa John's
  • Nissan
  • Lane Bryant
  • Carfax
  • Florida Panthers
  • Party City
  • Pep Boys