Zimmerman Advertising Agency


Jordan Zimmerman

Founder and Chairman

"Work till it hurts. Then push harder"

This is not just a business philosophy, but the way Jordan has lived his life since he was a kid growing up in New Jersey. While others were playing, Jordan studied. While others were sleeping, Jordan got up at 4:00am to deliver papers. While others took it easy in front of the TV, Jordan was pushing himself further in front of countless athletic coaches. While others were writing their resumes, Jordan was writing a business plan called Brandtailing™ which addressed what every other agency in the country has missed - the true responsibility to drive next day sales while building brands. Jordan may be our Chairman, but he continues to work harder than his peers. More, he inspires over 1,000 members of his team to share his passion for hard work and his never say die focus on results - in business and life. Today, it is no wonder why while many other agencies have been crippled by pressures to perform, Zimmerman has become one of the largest and most successful agencies in the country. While others would be satisfied with all that has been accomplished, Jordan has the vision and passion to see all that is still yet to achieve. So, we push on...

Pat Patregnani


"The Power of Brandtailing"

Pat has the presence of a leader that has helped to bring the 13th largest advertising agency in the country to great success through daily communication and inspiration. His presence at first glance can be intimidating, however within the course of your first conversation with him you will realize that he has the uncanny ability to get to the core of your issue, your advertising dilemma, your marketing problem and zero in on your true business philosophy. With more than 30 years of experience in the retail advertising industry, Pat has cultivated the skills necessary to build a brand, drive next day sales, lead a team, build a business and create an advertising empire...for Pat, it's all in a days work! But, it is not only his past experience that makes him a great leader, it is also the passion and heart that he exhibits in his everyday life that truly provides him with the fortitude to drive Zimmerman into the future. If Pat was asked what the key to success is, he would answer "Pride!" without hesitation. Pat knows that an organization that is proud of the product it creates, the people who create it, and the client it is created for, will unquestionably achieve greatness.

Zevin Auerbach

Creative Partner

"Work that works"

Zev's job is to make sure the creative works. With an innate ability to put himself at the consumer end of advertising, Zev keeps asking, "Do they get it?" until he's sure they do. Sensitive to the Brandtailing™ practices of Zimmerman, Zev is obsessed with making sure that the creative product is on strategy, on target, on time and on budget... which makes many of our clients wonder if he would make a better CFO than a Creative Director. But once a client has worked with Zev, they get it.

Michael Goldberg

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

"Act your way into a new way of thinking instead of thinking your way into a new way of acting."

Brands always have a decision to make - impact change or be impacted by the change. Defining what is possible for a company is undeniably linked to how much courage the company has to embrace change itself. Michael's job is to lead that change and help shape the foundation on which our new brands stand. Michael has no problem taking center stage. In fact, he has performed in "Up With People" as well as quick stint in the Broadway hit "RENT." On the business stage, Michael has over 20 years of EFFIE award-winning experience working with industries including Sports, Recreation, Retail, Travel, Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services and Utilities. His girls, all 4, are his oxygen.

Cliff Courtney

Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer

"I can't sleep."

People are emotional. They make decisions on impulse. They demonstrate loyalty for reasons that they can't begin to articulate. They happily define themselves by the labels on the beer and the logos on their shirts - in effect, paying for the right to endorse their favorite brands. They connect with more and more friends in the cloud, but less and less in the flesh. They pride themselves in their individuality, but mold their personas to keep up with the Joneses. They're at once remarkably predictable and shockingly unpredictable. But whether you call them customers, consumers or citizens, once you learn how to lead them to water and get them to drink, no other job ever compares.

Chris Carroll

Executive Vice President, Chief Client Officer

"Success is about making good on every promise."

Chris brings over 28 years of marketing experience to the agency with most of that time spent as a client. Chris knows what it means to wake up everyday and face the challenge of growing both the top and bottom line and believes the agency shares that responsibility. If you want a perfect example of Brandtailing™, then just look at what Chris did with the Subway brand from 1999 until 2006. Subway advertising awareness went from number 8 to number 2 in three years and same store sales grew almost 50%. The goals were to establish a clear brand position and develop tactical programs that delivered on the strategy everyday, treat the marketing dollars like investment capital and get the biggest return. This is what Brandtailing™ is all about and it is Chris' mission to push the entire agency to deliver on the promise we make to our clients, consistent and measurable growth through marketing. "We will do more than simply deliver compelling advertising, we will completely understand our client's business and consistently bring them sales building efforts before we are asked."

Scott Thaler

Executive Vice President, Chief Interaction Officer

"It is more than just having a digital presence... it is about the interaction between the consumer and your business."

Scott is dedicated to making sure that the clients and their agency team make the most of the digital world. Consumers live in a digital world, interact in a digital world and they buy in a digital world. Businesses and consumers must coexist in a digital world. For Scott and his team, it is not just about developing solutions that bring brands to the digital environment, he has been focused on developing and leading solutions that go further than awareness and interest, and actually turn the corner to purchase. Based on the core Brandtailing™ principle, Scott makes sure that interACTION helps clients operate more smoothly and profitably. He feels that digital presence counts, but results will always count more. If that sounds more like the fire of an entrepreneur than a typical agency person, it is. With more than two decades in the agency business leading nationally recognized campaigns, Scott was also a part of founding and selling multiple internet companies, as well as rising to the level of Senior Vice President at Equifax, the leading credit reporting bureau in the country. Scott's intimate understanding of digital technology and how it has shaped the way consumers buy goods and services has led the agency to great digital work.

Carmen Marston

Vice President, Human Resources

"If not now, then when? If not you, then who?"

To say that Carmen is a people person is a great understatement. At Zimmerman, she manages our single greatest asset - the 1,000 hard working, budget conscious, retail thriving, client loving people that are the true source of the agency's accomplishments. With training and experience that would make others envious, her greatest gift is simply giving people the belief that they can achieve more than they ever thought possible before - and a culture that never rests once they do. We think that is impressive. She calls it "ZNA".

Fred Zuckerman

Executive Vice President, Media Services

"The heart of a client. The balance sheet of a CPA."

Fred has media in his veins - literally. Fred followed in the footsteps of his father and uncle, both legendary Media Directors in New York City, with senior leadership roles at agencies like Benton and Bowles and Jordan McGrath Case and Taylor. While this experience makes him great, what makes him even more special is the time he spent as a client. Fred was in on the "ground floor" pioneering the development of the internal media structure, process and protocol of AutoNation, one of the largest and most successful Fortune 100 retail companies in the Country. During that time, he gained an unrivaled understanding of what a client needs and an undeniable appreciation for research, planning, stewardship and accountability to justify every single invested dollar against bottom line performance and ROI. Now, with over 30 years of proven experience under his own belt, including access to the deepest resource base in the industry, he may become the most legendary Zuckerman of all.

David Valdes

COO, Zimmerman Holdings

"Build to perform from the ground up"

With over 35 years of hands on experience inside some of the most complex agencies in the country, David can be considered an "agency Expert" that has an unmatched understanding of how to operate, fine tune and make an agency outperform itself year after year. David maintains a high standard of leadership with strong integrity and longstanding hard work. His energy, enthusiasm and passion are infectious. Through the years, he has successfully implemented and developed strategies, business plans, policies and objectives focused on operational, financial and business excellence. He has directed practices that have always set national industry benchmarking. As co-founder of Zimmerman Advertising, David will always be someone we can count on for strength, business council and inspiration.

David Nathanson

EVP, Executive Creative Director

"When you don't have the benefit of the bigger hammer, you have to find the sharper nail."

David brings the Brandtailing™ practices of Zimmerman to life for our clients. He has leadership roles with the most creatively respected agencies in the Omnicom network, as well as his own agency, Bezos/Nathanson. While his work may have been gifted every creative award that the industry can bestow, his greatest gift is his ability to bring out the very best creativity in those around him.

David Kissell

EVP, Managing Director

"Good enough...is not."

David guides the agency's intra-company performance. One of the cornerstones of this company's success is our relentless pursuit of operational excellence and that effort can be witnessed in the execution of every detail of our business, no matter how minute. "Good enough" will never replace "Great" in how we deliver as an agency. In establishing an agency environment where exceptional people are empowered to perform exceptional work, Zimmerman has forged its leadership position in the industry. Maintaining that environment through the opportunities and challenges of our exceptional growth is how Zimmerman will build on that leadership for another generation. The formula is simple. That is, develop superior business solutions that are delivered ahead of schedule, beyond expectations, and provide undeniable fiscal success for our clients. 'To many, that goal is daunting but not to David'. That is why he is our Managing Director.

Max Nelson

Vice President, Strategic Marketing Intelligence

"Common sense isn't. First question, then act, then assess and question again."

Max believes in answering questions, and has the background to prove it. He knows that executive decision-makers need less data and information and more actionable knowledge and wisdom. As the founding Vice President of the Strategic Marketing Intelligence Group, Max develops the tools, processes and personnel necessary to provide the evidence-based marketing insight necessary to help clients optimize their marketing and business objectives -- including strategic analyses and forecasts of market conditions; sales and marketing results and marketing investment ROI analyses, reports and dashboard systems; competitive intelligence, wargames, and statistical media optimization models; and more. Max brings unparalleled breadth and depth of experience to marketing intelligence, with over twenty years of strategy and analysis experience with leading organizations including Lucent Technologies, General Dynamics, Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve, the RAND Corporation, the U.S. Department of Commerce, NASA, and the White House National Space Council; and a family background in retail and food service. And as a Professional futurist with a background in "rocket science," Max can defend his answers with statistics and economics - or with a sword and a shield, given his decades of training as a medieval swordfighter.

Mike Schweiger

Chief Financial Officer

"New Challenges Lead To New Business Opportunities"

Mike started at the agency fresh out of college and has now been at Zimmerman for more than 20 years expanding his role as the agency grew to become one of the largest agencies in the country.

He was instrumental in establishing the initial computer-networking infrastructure and creating the foundation for the internal operational processes and procedures now in place at the agency. These processes continue to forge the agency into the spotlight for operational excellence and the ability to quickly produce business solutions that offer superior results for our clients. Now in his role as Chief Financial Officer, Mike provides financial oversight as the agency continues to expand. He also oversees all Sarbanes Oxley testing, internal controls, forecasting, budget management and safeguarding of all of the Company's assets.

When Mike's not at the office working as our financial leader, you can find him on a bike leading the way in a pace line along one of the scenic routes on A1A in South Florida. Mike uses his passion for cycling to help make a difference and he rides for a better tomorrow. He is one of the Co-Founders of zMotion Cycling Team, Zimmerman Advertising's philanthropic arm that utilizes cycling as its vehicle to support many local charities.