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Automotive Retail

Zimmerman was born in the automotive sector, and we cut our teeth in the toughest industry there is. This conditioned us for the speed, volume, agility and proof of performance necessary to help clients compete and dominate their individual markets. Our zmotive practice is the largest automotive retail advertising agency in the world handling the who's who in the automotive industry. We represent thousands of dealers, ranging from the nation's largest public company to single point private stores nationwide. Our automotive retail philosophy focuses on an experienced retail strategy, staff accountability, compelling creative and unparalleled ROI for our clients.



The agency believes in measurement as a way to determine success, so much so that we developed an industry leading, proprietary accountability tool called zTrac - Zimmerman Total Retail Accountability Center. It helps measure the effectiveness of our campaigns by tracking every single piece of communication - in real time - for effectiveness and helps apply all investment against an ROI.


Digital Services

As retail leaders, zdigital understands that being 'interactive' is just table stakes. We strive for interaction - ideas that go further than awareness and interest and turn the corner to purchase. To deliver results, zdigital goes beyond tracking click-thrus and open rates. Instead the focus is on tracking the growth of databases, increased sales, lowered cost of acquisition and increased purchase frequency at the speed of retail with the agility to optimize regularly to drive consumer response. Our digital services include website development, website management, online promotions, search engine activation, mobile, social marketing, application development, email marketing, microsite management, digital asset management, analytics and more.

Pick N Click

Production Automation

Pick-n-Click is the industry's first and only virtual agency that can handle print, radio, television, direct mail, online and collateral and customize it, produce it and even traffic it to media in seconds. Pick-n-Click helps companies standardize, consolidate, and maintain brand control in the most complex field organizations.



Tango provides promotional services by working to match strong brands to achieve success in the retail market. Through cross promotions, partnerships, sponsorships and complimentary marketing we maximize equities, entice consumer consideration and drive new revenue. Our strong relationships with promotional partners help reduce the marketing expenses for our clients.

The Zimmerman Agency

Public Relations

T/Z/A is our public relations practice focusing on the travel and hospitality sector that is a catalyst for consumer generated content and editorial tentacles that helps dimensionalize our brand conversations.